Lentil based vegetable curry Recipe

There are a variety of sambars that you would come across in South India, however this is a kind of tamil nadu style sambar [Atleast closest to it]

This recepi would serve about 2–3 people for 1 Meal.

Ingredients Required :

  1. A Small cup of Toor Dal ( Pigeon Peas or Tropical Green peas )

2. 2 Medium sized Tomatoes

3. 8–10 garlic petals

4. 1cm of ginger

5. Vegetables such as drumstick/ Ladies Finger/ Eggplant/Raddish Any one or Two of these vegetables as you may please! 100–200g

6. 1 Large onion

7. Curry leaves 6–8

8. Tamrind 5–2cm

9. Salt

10. Turmeric 0.5Tsp

11. Sambar powder 1.5 Tsp

12. Asafoetida 0.25 Tsp

13. Oil 1.5 Tsp

14. To saute along with onion-

a.Mustard 0.5 Tsp

b. Jeera 0.5 Tsp

c. Fenugreek seeds 0.25Tsp

First place the toor dal,tomatoes,the peeled garlic and finely chopped ginger in a cooker friendly container. You could place this above the container of rice while cooking the rice. Wait for 3–4 Whistles

In the mean time do the following-

A. Wash all the vegetables and cut them to small sizes as you wish to eat it, not too small!

B. Keep the onion chopped you could also use shallots alternatively.

C. Soak the tamrind in warm water and leave it aside.

Once the Dal is done in the cooker,pour half of the Dal into another container in which you plan to cook the sambar and add the washed chopped vegetables, about a glass of water or more if needed and allow the vegetables to cook in it. Add sambar powder and salt to it.

After about 10 minutes check if the vegetables are cooked by feeling for their soft consistency by taking one of the vegetables out. If not cooked, allow it to boil some more.

Once vegetables are cooked add the tamrind juice, do not add the tamrind.( get this tamrind juice done by squeezing the soaked tamrind as many times as possible)

Now add the remaining Toordal. Check the taste for salt. Check for the consistency of how you want the curry to be and add more water if needed and allow it to boil.

Take a small pan add 1–2 Tsps of Oil, Heat it Sand saute the chopped onions, asafoetida, Mustard, Jeera, Fenugreek seeds, Curry leaves. [Just until the onions turn light brown]. Add it to the boiling mixture.

Allow it to boil for a minute or two and switch off the stove.

Eat with Rice or Idli or Dosa!



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