This is an easy snack to make at home with Garbanzo beans or simply called Kabul channa!

This would serve about 2 people.

Ingredients required:

  1. Garbanz Beans[Kabul Channa]100g
  2. Mustard 1Tsp
  3. Urad Dal 1TSp
  4. Curry Leaves 5–6
  5. One medium sized onion finely chopped. Alternatively you could use 3 shallots.
  6. Turmeric powder 1/2 Tsp
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Garam Masala 1/2 Tsp
  9. Oil 1Tbsp
  10. For garnishing if needed- grated coconut a fistful.

A. Soak the kabul channa overnight or for about 6 hours until the channa swells up. …

There are a variety of sambars that you would come across in South India, however this is a kind of tamil nadu style sambar [Atleast closest to it]

This recepi would serve about 2–3 people for 1 Meal.

Ingredients Required :

  1. A Small cup of Toor Dal ( Pigeon Peas or Tropical Green peas )

3. 8–10 garlic petals

4. 1cm of ginger

5. Vegetables such as drumstick/ Ladies Finger/ Eggplant/Raddish Any one or Two of these vegetables as you may please! 100–200g

6. 1 Large onion

7. Curry leaves 6–8

8. Tamrind 5–2cm


This Recipe is for chicken biriyani you can also use mushroom or mutton instead of chicken!

This recipe will serve about 2–3 people.

Ingredients required:

1 .750g Chicken

2. 500g Seeraga Samba Rice or How much ever you would want!

3. 5–6 Green chillies (The smaller the green chillies the spicier they are!)

4. 2 small 2 inch cinamaon Sticks

5. 3 cardamom

6. 3 Cloves

7. 1/8th of nutmeg [Jadhikai]

8. Mace of nutmeg- 1small piece [JadhiPathri]

9. 50g of ginger

10. 50g of garlic

11. Shallots or mini onions about 12–15

12. Chilli powder

13. Curd 1/2 cup

This is my first ever writeup on Amma’s cook book and here goes the first recipe for it!


This would serve about 2 people who eat pretty well!


Vegetables like

Carrot -1–2 medium sized

Peas about 2 fistfuls

Beans 5–6

Onion- 1 Large sized

Tomato — 2 Small sized

Ginger Garlic Paste 1tsp


Mint and Corriander a fistful each

Green chillies 3–4

Curd 1Tbsp

To saute : Cinnamon Bark 2cm, cloves 3, elaichi 1, jeera half tsp

Half cup raw rice

Lets Get to the making:

Before you switch on the stove get these done-

Wash all the vegetables.

Chop the beans and carrot to appropriate sizes as…

Dr. Suchitra S

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